Services We Offer

Skills Training and Capacity Building of Persons with Disabilities

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The community is saving up in providing trainings for people with disability

We provide trainings to persons with disabilities in preparation for their employment or to start their own businesses. We also give leadership and organizational development trainings.

Work Referral and Placement

We identify, assess and recommend qualified persons with disabilities for positions/roles required by companies and employers. We work with employers on recruitment drives and organize product or trade fairs.

Internship, On-the-Job and Work–Based Training

We provide meaningful work opportunities and experience to students or interns working in a disability focused organization. We collaborate with employers to place our persons with disability candidates for on-the job or work-based training.

Disability Orientation and Sensitization

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We conduct trainings to increase awareness on disability, to help people understand disability based on human rights perspective, and to provide the appropriate support for persons with disabilities geared towards realizing a barrier-free and inclusive schools, workplaces and communities.

Accessibility Audit

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We conduct inspections and assessments not only limited to infrastructures but also on equipment, devices and other facilities available for all types of disabilities. We provide recommendations to promote accessibility in schools and workplaces.

Technical Assistance

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We provide advice and technical support to promote disability inclusive schools and workplaces. We design disability programs and help companies with their journey to diversity and inclusion. We support the training of HR, Recruitment Team and employees on basic sign language, and disability sensitization.

Disability Rights Advocacy

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We promote the implementation of international and local laws especially Republic Act 10524 on the 1% reserved employment allocation for persons with disabilities in government agencies, local government units and private companies. As part of our advocacy efforts, we conduct talks and seminars on employment rights, social protection, and applying for a disability ID card – including its benefits and entitlements. We collaborate with partners in disability campaigns, awareness raising activities and promotion of products and services of persons with disabilities.

Resource Information

We serve as a resource center where people with disabilities, students, professionals, various individuals or groups and companies can conduct research studies and can have access to information on disability.