School Principals, to Participate in the Inclusive Education Program Directioning (March 17, 2011; Commonwealth Elementary School, Q.C.)

The Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation-Inclusive Education Program (LCDPF-IE) will present its State of the Program Address (SOPA) for Schools Administrators at Commonwealth Elementary School, Commonwealth Quezon City, on March 17, 2011.
The immediate goal of the SOPA is to convene all participating school principals and focal teachers to discuss and be leveled off on the current implementation of the Inclusive Education in the Philippines, particularly with the newly-assigned principals. The activity is likewise aimed to discuss and share their experiences with regards to the grading system for children with disabilities (CWDs) who are included in regular classes, and the importance of SPED centers as resource centers for nearby regular schools. By the end of the activity, it is expected that the participants could likewise be able to include the components of the Inclusive Education program in their respective School Improvement Plan (SIPs).
The SOPA would give an update on what the program has gone through, thus far achieved in promoting the rights of children with disabilities (CWDs) to Inclusive Education. The IE Program Team, for its part, expects to review and monitor the previous commitment made by the participants to support Inclusive Education in the Philippines, which they made during the joint planning in Bataan and Quezon City.
Currently, the Inclusive Education Program has now enrolled more than 800 out of school children with disabilities from 30 participating schools in NCR, Region 3, and the CALABARZON Region, in coordination with local stakeholders, including the teachers and school administrators.
By the end of 2012, the program and the schools are geared towards enrolling another 800 out of school children with disabilities. The conduct of the IE-SOPA will be one of the spring boards in achieving and localizing the above target.
Currently, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) 1994 Salamanca Statement which calls for the accommodation of CWDs in regular schools along with their non-disabled counterparts.
Dave Tabaniag
LCDPFI Advocacy Staff