“I Am Very Happy In An Accessible School” – An Inclusive Education Case Study

Sheila Mae Comin, a 9 year old girl from Tarlac had never attended her local school let alone enter the Kalayaan Building of Camiling East Central School. The building had no ramps or handrails and since Sheila is a wheelchair user, also with cerebral palsy, she was not able to join classes. In addition Sheila, unlike other girls her own age, had no friends who would offer to accompany her to class.

Sheila accesses her school on the newly built rampThe IE Team, after learning of this young girl’s plight, consulted with her parents, teachers and town officials which resulted in the construction of a simple five-meter long concrete ramp beside the Kalayaan Building which enabled her access to the school. Due to this new found mobility, Sheila was able to attend regular classes alongside her peers which boosted her confidence and allowed her to make new friends.

Currently, Sheila Mae is in 2nd Grade, and she is happy with this new opportunity to move and mingle freely amongst classmates and friends. Due to this simple construction, which costs just approximately P12,000, the life of a young child with disabilities will be altered for years to come. Since Sheila Mae has now been provided the opportunity to be educated, as an equal amongst other children, she will learn to become independent and will succeed in later life.