“Anak ng Pasig”: A Climate Change Awareness Campaign of Young Voices

Young Voices performed an interpretative dance entitled “Anak ng Pasig” in celebration of the International Day for Persons With Disabilities last December 3, 2010 at SM North Skydome. This was organized by League of PWD Leaders headed by AKAP Pinoy. The event was successfully conducted in cooperation with local government units, government agencies, disabled people organizations, private and public companies.

Climate change is one of the major issues that we are now confronted with. It  refers to drastic changes in the natural environment as shown by rising sea levels, stronger and more frequent storms, and other unusual calamities which are caused by the destruction of natural resources. As one way of  campaigning to save the earth, the youth with disabilities interpreted the popular song “Anak ng Pasig” despite their being on wheelchair. Young Voices were able to express their mission in campaigning to attain an environmental friendly community.

It only shows that even persons with disability can make a difference to have a safe and quality living. PWDs are also member of the community and can be a contributor to success and development.