Core Programs

Inclusive Education

A group of children with disabilities together with their teachers and parents are posing for a photo

Aims to provide children with disabilities access to equal and quality education by working closely with schools, families and communities to facilitate their enrollment in mainstream regular classes; provide educational assistance, assistive devices and other support services; capacity building trainings to teachers and parents; support on school modification for accessibility; disability orientation and awareness campaign.

Young Voices

A group of youth with disabilities posing for a photo

Organizes youth with disabilities 16-25 years old into dynamic groups; and develops them to become young leaders and advocates of their rights through provision of development and leadership trainings, skills enhancement, group dynamic activities and opportunities for participation in the local and international conferences for youth development. Awareness and advocacy campaign on the rights of people with disabilities are conveyed through music, arts, dances and short films.

Economic Empowerment

Assists persons with disabilities overcome the barriers they face in finding gainful employment and livelihood through access to job information; career counselling and guidance; provision of development trainings such as communication skills, personality development, entrepreneurship; referral for work placement; job coaching; livelihoods assistance and other support services. It works closely with employers and partners on employment and promotion of inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.

An elderly woman trying out the sewing machine

LCDPFI’s flagship project is the Economic Empowerment of persons with disabilities which adopts the Livelihoods Resource Center (LRC) model. It serves as a one-stop-shop facility where people with disabilities can come and avail of various services to help them in their search for livelihood or employment. It provides a wide range of services and is designed to open opportunities for persons with disabilities to develop marketable skills, social and life skills, access to wage employment and engage in business enterprise.

Main strands of the program include:

  • Wage Employment assists persons with disabilities in finding employment through career counseling services, access to job information, job matching, skills and development trainings, job coaching, referral and work placement.
  • Self-Employment assists persons with disabilities in setting up their own small business enterprise by providing entrepreneurship training; livelihoods capital assistance; help and advice in accessing microfinance services.

Rights based approach:

  • Capacity Building – enhance the skills and increase the capacities of persons with disabilities to be able to find a job, generate income and sustain their livelihood.
  • Partnership Building – working with the social systems especially with employers to promote an inclusive workplace, maintain partnership for the employment of persons with disabilities; and collaborate with other stakeholders to provide access to livelihood opportunities.