A Meeting With Congressman Ramon Romulo

Richard Arceño, LCDPF National Coordinator and Young Voices National Facilitator Virgie Rabino join other leaders of the disability sector lead by AKAP Pinoy President Oscar Taleon in a consultation meeting with Representative Ramon Romulo to discuss PWD issues.

PWD leaders including LCDPF national coordinator Richard Arceno and YV Facilitator Virgie Rabino joined the meeting with Congressman Ramon Romulo last May 16, 2011 at at South Wing HOR Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

The PWD leaders present were lead by the PWD advocacy movement Alyansa ng Maykapansang Pinoy (AKAP-PINOY), Inc. The meeting was requested by Congressman Romulo himself to consult the PWD leaders on the proposed creation or formation of a special sub-committee for PWDs, under the Social Services Standing Committee of the lower House, and to know more about other issues concerning PWDs.

The following issues and concerns were tackled during the said meeting:

1. Establishment of an over-sight committee

2. Lack of social awareness program on disability

3. Lack of consultation with PWDs, on matters directly affecting them

4. Lack of sufficient data, regarding employment discrimination against PWDs

5. Insufficient data on the estimated number of Filipino PWDs in the absence of any identified government agency to do the PWD registration.

6. Informal agreement in relation to UNCRPD ratification

7. No consistency in PWD governance (NCDA office reverted to the DSWD)

8. Lack of proper implementing guidelines, regarding Article 33 (UNCRPD) on the formation of an independent agency to oversee PWD

9. No established or organized commission on PWDs, just like the Philippine Commission on Women

The leaders were able to make the sentiments of the PWD sector known to Rep. Romulo. However, Romulo stressed that it would take time before the proposed budget allocation is approved. “Patience is needed”, Romulo advised the PWD leaders.

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